Illustration pour la prochaine collection de La Marelle édition

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Léa illustration a dit…

C'est tellement jolie et frai!!! J'adore comme toujours!!!

Silvina Soave a dit…

Son preciosas tus ilustraciones!
Un abrazo grande.

Kristi a dit…

Beautiful picture!!!

MJC *-* a dit…

Hey, can I ask you something.
Are you the same person as Alexandre Day? Because I was looking through your blog and saw your older work, (what a great style development by the way)but I saw this post: http://adolieday.blogspot.nl/2008/12/valeurs-de-gris-3.html And I was wondering....if you made that too or that you were selling it for a friend because the Alexandre is a man on the profile....so I don't understand!

Adolie Day a dit…

Alexandre Day is my husband ;-)
and we work together on this graphite illustration

D Todo lo Demás a dit…

Divina.Mil besines.